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Chatroulette review

How to Make an Awesome Dating App Profile

How to Make an Awesome Dating App Profile

Being successful on these platforms has changed quite a bit, compared to just two years ago. And yes, you’ll want those hot photos – but first, let me give you some food for thought.

Online dating is a different ballgame these days, and that’s because we, a society, are a different ballgame. How do I know? All these dating apps did surveys over the pandemic, and we’ve learned some interesting stuff. Such as this, from a 2021 Match survey :

  • 2 in 3 singles want to wait until after the third date to have sex
  • 27% of singles want a friends-with-benefits or casual sexual relationship
  • 65% of singles want their dating partners to be vaccinated
  • 48% of people on the app now question what their type is
  • ??34% of folks on the app say that they’re more likely to go on a ‘dry date’ (alcohol-free date) now than pre-COVID
  • 91 percent of users want to date someone who goes to therapy-and 89 percent of daters are more likely to agree to a second date if the person mentions therapy on the first date.

So let’s create a data-driven dating app profile, friends! And for even more dating advice, check out my interview with Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science at Hinge .

2. Grammar + Spelling: Check It

I will never forget the time a girlfriend of mine handed me her phone, to show me a guy who liked her profile. And for his job, where I can only assume he meant to write “Sales” on his profile, he wrote… “Sells.”

Not everyone’s a professional writer, and that’s OK! (more…)