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Orenda Felicitates Women Weavers

On Occasion of Navratri, Orenda Foundation has felicitated Nine (9) women weavers and artisans, – representing Nava Durgas, for their contribution not only to the Handloom industry but to the society as a whole. These artisans bring life and character to each and every saree that every woman adores.

Handloom is a traditional business for women for a long time. History has it that while Men would go out with Kings for war, women were involved in crafts like pot, leather clothes, home building, and technique of weaving.

Orenda Foundation’s Nava Durga Felicitation event was held in Hyderabad on September 25th at Kala Dikshitulu Kala Vedika Chikkadpally, Hyderabad and Mr. M.Ramachadra Rao, MLC; Yellavarthy Rajendra Prasad, President, Shankaram Vedica; Special Guest Shri Kala Janardhan Murthy, President Thyagaraya Gaana Sabha presided over the function.

Providing a platform to showcase the talent of women artisans: Orenda Foundation provides the opportunity for all women artisans to showcase their talent and creativity directly to the world. The Foundation provides training facilities and tools to empower women and enhance their skills. It is a platform where Women weavers can earn money and help improve their socio-economic conditions. This is the best place to make a village women weaver self-dependent. This is a safe job for them which they can do from their home.

Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder Orenda Foundation said, “Foundation has a simple objective—of getting artisans and women out of drudgery and reviving the dwindling art of weaving. While working with artisans at the grass-root level, I have learned several life lessons –

  • Threads are fragile like relationships. This relationship is made stronger through proper weaving
  • It takes a lot of discipline and focuses to achieve the level of creativity
  • The will to learn is the first step and these weavers show this character every day in their lives
  • Every day is a new day and start over is the name of the game.

Raghuram Kuchibhatla ended the speech thanking each and every Athidhi (Athidhi Devo Bhava) and requesting everyone to join together in making a difference in the lives of these artisans and to revive this dying industry.”

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