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Our Association with Gopalpur

A land suited on the bank of Brahmani river, popularly known for its yummy pickles and exquisite hand-woven Tussar silk textile. One of the leading producer groups of India which is older than 400 years and associated with one of the greatest saints Shri Chaitanya. The artisan of Gopalpur has started with weaving the cotton fabric but in 1972 due to the destruction of looms, everything ended up providing low cost with superior quality. Tussar yarn to Tussar sarees is the magical process that these skilled and very talented weavers bring to us.

These beautifully handcrafted sarees have received an honor from the government of India in 2009. Gopalpur produces different Tussar fabrics which are designed in Gheecha, Tussar, and extra weft technique. To make it more unique different blends of Tussar are also made. Handwoven, the handspun yarn gives an extraordinary texture to the fabric.

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