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Reaching far and wide, despite the pandemic

Orenda Foundation works with artisans and weavers directly starts a medical drive amidst the COVID19 pandemic. The objective behind this drive is to support and educate the artisans across the country about the high levels of circulating viruses during the second wave.

 With this medical drive, Orenda Foundation aims to purchase 1,000 basic medical kits worth Rs 1200/kit, comprising a thermometer (Rs 250/unit); an oximeter (Rs 750/Unit), and a strip of Paracetamol (Rs 30/Unit)to guard those villages and artisans whose lives are already at their lowest socio-economic levels.

 Speaking on the occasion, Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder and CEO, Orenda Foundation said “Coronavirus is an unprecedented global health crisis in the history of the world. The past year and a half have been incredibly challenging and yet for every new curveball that is thrown at us, our artisan community has always taken every challenge and overcame it. Today, as we battle this fatal second wave, it is imperative that we help and protect those villages and artisans who lack awareness and are in need of basic medical facilities. Over the next few weeks, we will expand this drive to include webinars and distribute pamphlets to raise awareness among the artisans’ community”.

 The platform has so far led 2 webinars covering artisans from Jaipur and West Bengal and there are few planned for the upcoming days.

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